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Welcome to my homepage! :)
Mina's burrow is a Harry Potter fanart and Original art site.

Harry Potter fanarts and Original Artworks by Mina.
Thank you for visiting to this site and I hope you enjoy! ;)

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Site Name: Mina's burrow
Webmistress: Mina
URL : http://minano-kakureana.jellybean.jp/e1.html
Since : 11 Jun. 2003
Last update : 7 Jan. 2011

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This site is not related to J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing,
Scholastic Books,Say-zan-sha Publications,Warner Bros.
All images and material related to the J.K. rowling novels is copyright
Bloomsbury Publishing (UK),Scholastic Books (US),and Say-zan-sha Publications (JP).
All material related to the Harry Potter films is copyright Warner Bros.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows(UK) (7) cover The Order of the Phoenix:JP cover the Half-Blood Prince:UK cover

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No reproduction or republication without written permission.
Using artworks on other websites without permission is strictly prohibited.
Copyright© Mina. All Rights Reserved.

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